Stop motion images

Stop motion is quite similar to traditional animation but this method uses real life materials in place of drawings.

 In stop motion a photo is taken of an object, then it is moved just a little bit and then another photo is taken. This process is repeated. When they photos are played back quickly and one after the other, it creates an illusion of movement.

 Stop motion animation can be a long process, as each object must be moved carefully every time by an inch before a photograph is taken. This is necessary to ensure that the animation has a fluid sequence. 

 Claymation is a type of stop motion that is quite popular. The process remains the same but clay or plasticine is used to depict the objects, characters, and the various backdrops. Working with clay is simple as it can be easily manipulated.Sometimes action figurines or Lego may also be used to create stop motion animation.


 The primary function of using animation is for entertainment purposes but they can be used effectively in a range of sectors.

 It can be used as a tool for education. Animation can be used to create educational videos that are fun to watch while they learn.These can be used both for the television and the Internet.

 It could also be used in the research and development process to understand how a machine would work. Animators can help researchers understand any problems that would be faced in the future in the product without the need to create the object physically.

 These are only a few examples of the immense potential that animation has to offer. The options are endless and the future is full of exciting possibilities for animation.